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Cyprus investment opportunities

Cyprus offers great potential for investment opportunities and over the past few years the growth in capital appreciation has seen excellent returns for investors and this growth continues.

At Superior Real Estate we try to identify particular investment opportunities that appeal to the serious investor, some of which carry a guaranteed return on investment.

We also have to offer, exclusive to Superior Real Estate, our Superior Projects. These are developments that have shown returns of between 50 to 75% over a fourteen-month period, details of the latest releases of these particular projects can be obtained through our website, by telephone or by dropping into one of our offices.

There is limited availability on some of these projects and they are extremely popular with our investor clients, it is straightforward to register to get details of the programme sent to you on a regular basis.

How the Superior Projects work

Due to their size, Superior Real Estate can negotiate "wholesale" prices with medium sized quality developers for properties in areas that are much in demand. These prices are around 20% below market prices.

The other excellent thing about this investment opportunity is that, due to the payment terms agreed with Superior Real Estate, the investor invests 30% of the selling price of the property as their initial investment, then the property is put back on the market before the next 60% is due and marketed at the "retail" price so giving the investor his initial deposit back as well as the difference between the retail and wholesale selling prices. (Note: sales commission is deductible when re-selling the property)

Payment terms:

€2,000 reservation fee
30% of Selling Price (Initial deposit payable within 30 days of reservation)
60% of Selling Price (12 months or after 75% build complete)
10% or Balance of Selling Price (On delivery of property)

For our investor clients we place their property back on the market after nine months or two to three months before 75% build complete, once sold they receive back their initial deposit plus the profit made less deductions for sales commissions. (Usually 5% of sales price) The net result is that the client will realize anywhere between 50-75% return on their investment in a relatively short time frame. In the event the property is not re-sold in time Superior will assist the purchaser for a bank loan.

Below is a worked example on an apartment selling at €100,000 and re-selling 12 months later at €130,000. We still have apartments at such low prices in prime locations.


Apartment selling price€100,000|Put on market after 9-12 months
Client Reserves€2,000|Property re-sold at new market price€130,000
Initial deposit 30% of SP€28,000|Profit (€130,000 - €100,000) €30,000
Legal fees€1,300|Less sales comm. Of 5% €6,500
(so initial investment is €31,300)|Legal fees:€1,690
| Net profit€21,810 or 70.3% RoI

Please note that numbers may differ slightly when displayed in a currency other than Euros.

With Buy to Let now available in Cyprus for EU citizens, we can offer properties that not only make an excellent holiday home but also give a guaranteed rental return of between 5.5-8.5% per annum. Loans can be arranged either in the UK or in Cyprus for up to 70% of Loan to Value for terms of between 10 to 25 years. Many of the apartments in the Superior Projects qualify for buy to let schemes, often with guaranteed contracts for letting with major tour operators, payable in advance.

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