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Superior project 37 (Off-plan)

AvailabilityBlockAprt No.TypeFloorViewsCovered AreaBalconyUncovered Area/Yard
Not AvailableA01Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
AvailableA02Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA03Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA04Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA05Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA06Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableA07Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableA08Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA09Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA10Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA11Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
AvailableA12Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA13Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA14Studio2Sea and Mountains33m26m2
Not AvailableA15Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA16Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA17Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableA18Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB19Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
AvailableB20Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB21Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB22Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB23Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB24Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB25Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB26Studio1Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB27Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
AvailableB28Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableB29Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableB30Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB31Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB32Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableB33Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB34Studio2Sea Views33m26m2
AvailableB35Studio1Mountain Views33m26m2
Not AvailableB36Studio2Mountain Views33m26m2
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