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We have compiled the following information to help you make the most out of our web site. If, after reading this help file, you feel that you still need help, please contact us.

The items have been sorted into alphabetical order to help you find what you need:



Compare list
The compare list was created to enable users to easily compare properties.

Every results page and property details page has links to add or remove a property from your compare list.

You can view your compare list by clicking the relevant link on the right-hand side of the page. The number in parenthesis specifies how many properties you currently have stored in your compare list.


Extended results
The show/hide extended results link gives you the option of having more or less information displayed in your search results.

When set to show, the property features are also displayed on the results page.


PDF brochure
You are able to view/print a PDF brochure of a property using the "View PDF brochure" link displayed on all property pages. Printing these brochures will supply you with a print out of the property and our contact details.

If, when trying to view the brochure, you see nothing but a blank page, you may need to upgrade your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be done free of charge by visiting the Adobe web site and downloading the latest version.

Once you have upgraded the program, go back to the property page, refresh it and try again.

Property search
The property search form located on the left-hand side of most pages is there to help you find properties in our database.

If you select "Limassol" from the Area drop-down menu and press search, only properties in Limassol will be displayed. You can continue to reduce the number of results that will be returned by filling in more of the form. Every item in the form is optional, so complete as much or as little of it as you like.

After you select a City, the areas that are in that area will be show in the box below. Again, you can select as many or as few areas as you like. If you would like to search for properties in all the areas in that city, simply select "All areas".

If you would like only properties in a few villages of the city, you are able to select more than one area by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while clicking each area with your cursor.


Request more information
The request more information link enables you to contact us about a property or properties. Once you contact us with this form, we will send you any other information we may have on the property, and you are then able to arrange a viewing.


Saved search
If you perform a search for properties on our web site, you are given the option of saving it. Once you have saved a search, a link is displayed on the right-hand side of the page which will bring you back to the search results you were viewing.

Please be aware that when you return to view the results, some properties may have been removed or added to your results due to properties being sold and new properties being listed.

You can only save one search at a time.

Send to a friend
A link is displayed on every page enabling you to email a link to the current page.

The only information we require is your name and the email address you wish to send the link to.

The recipient generally receives the link within a couple of minutes.

Search by reference no.
The search by reference no. form displayed on the left-hand side of each page enables you to find a property using only the reference number it has been assigned.

Please note that the exact reference number is required.

Select currency
The select currency option gives you the ability to control which currency is displayed on our web site.

Please be aware that all properties are originally listed in Euros. When viewing prices on our site in other currencies, the actual price of the property may be slightly different due to changes in current exchange rates.

The shortlist feature allows you to save properties that are of interest to you. Once you have created a shortlist, you are able to enquire about every property on the list rather than submitting separate enquires about each property.

Every results page and property details page has links to add or remove a property from your shortlist.

You can view your shortlist by clicking the relevant link on the right-hand side of the page. The number in parenthesis tells you how many properties you currently have stored in your shortlist.

As long as you don't clear the cookies stored on your computer, the shortlist should be there the next time you visit our site.
Send to a friend
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