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N-4120 - Villa for sale in Kornos, Nicosia

N-4120 - Villa for sale in Kornos, Nicosia
Ref: N-4120
Price: €1,575,000
City: Nicosia
Area: Kornos
Type: Villa
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5
Pool: Private
Plot: 3160m²
Covered: 655m²
Title deeds: Yes
Sale type: Resale
Kitchen: Fitted
Furnished: Yes
Parking: Private Covered
Views: Sea views
Built year: 2012
SUPER OFFER! REDUCED PRICE FROM EUR 2,000,000 * The villa, contrary to common practice, aimed at the ideal ‘all in one’ - the result speaks for itself * Set on a hill side with a 330° scenic unobstructed view * Surrounded by forest, nature and beautiful landscape * 15 minutes drive from the Nicosia; 18 min. from the beach (Governor’s Beach and others); 20 min. from Larnaca (and its International Airport); 25 min. from Limassol tourist area * Easy and quick access to the highway * Luxury and prestige property * Beautiful and green landscape * Own ground water supply for gardening and household uses * Total plot area: 3160m2 (34014ft²) * Total covered area: 655m2 (7,050 ft²) * Total garden area: 2560m2 (27507ft²) * Total built uncovered areas (verandas, playground, ramps, external staircases etc): 546m2 (5879ft²) * Covered verandas, kiosk etc: 50m2 (646ft²) * Covered Auxiliary Areas (Storage, Parking etc): 105m2 (1561ft²) * Main Household Areas: 500m2 (4844ft²) * Modern, earthy, natural, airy and amply illuminated * Semi-heated swimming pool with water horizon * A barbecue area and bar * Environmentally friendly and energy efficient * FOR MORE INFORMATION OR INSPECTIONS PLEASE CALL DIRECT: (+357) 99438697 *
Resting on the green edges of Kornos village, the villa is an intersection of space, time and lifestyle. It’s a unique blend of the urban with the rural, the traditional with the modern, and the simple with the composite.
The villa is a vision-come-true for the team of architects who conceived, designed and realized this challenging project.

The villa is the result of thorough three-dimensional analysis and the desire to design something unique.
The result speaks for itself.

The first step to realizing the ‘All-in-One House’ was to find the ideal location. After a wide search, the hills on the north side of Kornos Village were chosen to be the best area within a radius of dozens of miles around the capital, Nicosia.
Once the area was chosen, a three-dimensional topographical study indicated the best plot, among the two hundred, or so, plots available for sale.
The specific location/plot offers an array of advantages:
* The plot is on a hill side overlooking the Village, with a 330° scenic view that is elevated and unobstructed and with three of its four sides downhill.
* The plot is surrounded by mountainous countryside with green areas, the village of Kornos on its South, Mount Stavrovouni on the East and Troodos Mountains on the far West.
* The plot has its own ground water supply for gardening and household uses.

It was clear from the beginning that the design of the villa had to be unique to accommodate the demands of the client, as well as to fit the characteristics of the landscape itself. Through many months of analyses, testing of ideas and concept developments, the final design of the house was born.
To satisfy this command the total covered area of 655 m2 (7,050 ft²) has been sized and compartmentalized according to function and spread over three floors.
Different to most houses on the island, the bedrooms and family private areas have been located on the bottom floor, same as the parking and storage areas.

The formal guest areas (dining room and lounge) are ample in space, grandiose and luxurious. On the same (middle) floor, the everyday spaces are sensible and concentrate family life and activities in a unified open-plan area that includes the kitchen, the sitting room and the entrance hall.

This middle floor opens to a large two-level courtyard that includes a spacious covered veranda to enjoy the spectacular views and a semi-heated swimming pool with water horizon. A barbecue kiosk and bar are positioned on the same level in the opposite side of the house, offering a separate relaxation and entertainment area.

Finally, the third floor includes two rooms that demand isolation from the rest of the house: the guest bedroom (en-suite) that requires privacy and independence from the public and family private areas, and the office that frequently calls for quietness and solitude.

Towards the above command, the architectural style given to the villa is minimalistic, cubic, with simple straight lines and flat surfaces. The building is broken into distinctively separate volumes with the bottom floor lying perpendicularly to (crossing) the rest of the building, and offering its roof as outdoor living space for the middle floor.

Moreover, the ‘gamma’ shape of the middle floor is punctuated by another remarkable characteristic - the formal lounge of the building, which is six meters on each side and height. It is all stone and glazing and on the three sides it offers the most stunning views. In fact the three sides of offer three distinctly different views, each more breath-taking than the other.

Additionally the intense glazing, aluminium and exposed concrete features bestow the building with a diachronically modern and fashionable character. In parallel though, large external and internal areas of the house are covered with wood and stone, ensuring that the progressive design retains strong earthy and natural elements.

This rich blend of quality materials not only does it merge beautifully, but it also provides an aesthetic balance between the modern and the natural, offering an amalgamation of sensual experiences.

As if these alone weren’t marks of distinction, a clever illusion that utilizes the triple-slope topography of the plot was also adopted in the design. Specifically, the bottom floor of the house appears to approaching viewers, to be built in, and effectively coming out of the mountain, as opposed to being built on its side.

While the above ‘draw attention and create excitement’, the shape, texture and colour of the materials chosen, as well as the landscape and garden design ‘merge’ the villa with its surrounding natural environment, allowing it to blend in inconspicuously. In a sense, the building is particularly noticeable, but only to the eye that seeks it.

The first part of the command was really a ‘must’ for a house of such location. The building is therefore unsurprisingly surrounded by large windows and glass doors that offer unobstructed panoramic views and let rich sunlight seep through almost every corner of the house. The latter part of the command is nevertheless a product of meticulous environmental engineering design.

Design that created one of the first, if not the first, ‘zero-emission’ buildings on the island (incl. the photo-voltaics)
* The house utilizes renewable energy from the ground through 1000m (3300f) of piping and infrastructure that exploits geothermal energy, both to heat and cool the building.
* The house utilizes even greater renewable energy from the sun, through ten solar heating panels.
* Further renewable energy from the sun is obtained through photo-voltaics converting it into electricity

The openings are designed to offer the best natural ventilation possible for those hot summer months.
* The building is shelled by an insulating material, which provides excellent thermal and sound insulation.
* Extra insulation is provided at the point of contact between the house and the mountain ground, where reinforced concrete walls replace brick ones.
* The glazing is double and low-emission, with gas separator that provides maximum insulation; and the aluminium itself is of thermal design with thermal break.

The air-conditioning is multiple and caters for all demands and environmental conditions. It includes:
- natural ventilation (all living spaces) - under-floor water-based heating (all living spaces) - under-floor water-based cooling (all living spaces - VRV air heating (all living spaces) - VRV air cooling (all living spaces) - Bio-fire-places - mechanical overhead fans

The layout has been designed with an internal thermal break. Specifically, an insulating 3m (10f) folding door separates at will all the everyday living areas from the more rarely used formal/guest areas. The latter constitute about 40% of the house and may be separated from the rest, with significant energy savings.
* Finally, the excess energy from the combination of geothermic system and solar panels can be dissipated to the swimming pool, providing a no-cost semi-heated swimming pool with a ‘season’ that extends over the better part of the year.

The design is one with a strong environmental inclination which invests in the present to secure the future. The environmental design ensures maximum energy savings, but also an environment-minded attitude that one hopes will globally prevail in the decades to come

The middle floor includes all formal guest areas and everyday common areas. These can be instantly divided to offer the desired degree of formality or casualness, or joint to create a large area of 150 m² (1600 ft²) for entertainment, parties and events in general.

Furthermore, these areas adjoin the courtyards, which effectively more than double the available area in good weather. This for Cyprus relates to most days of the year. It is noteworthy that the courtyard itself adjoins the garden, which properly landscaped can provide hundreds of square meters of additional areas for events, play, sport or relaxation.

The design team of the villa comprises some of the best and most prominent construction consultants in Cyprus. The architects, civil/structural engineers, mechanical engineers, building environment engineers, electrical engineers and landscape designers have all been involved in numerous prestigious projects and dedicated much time and effort to ensure the best possible design for this house.

Similarly, the construction process was meticulously monitored and checked for quality, while the materials used were chosen after careful deliberation that considered all aesthetic, practical, technical and other quality factors.
The designer names and material and finishes’ brands/models/specifications are available at request.

The villa is ultimately, the architectural annulment of the very choice between the urban and rural.



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Entrance Level
1st floor
Basement (-1 floor)
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